#ImagineJustin (nr 79)

POSTED 2011-11-13
#ImagineJustin hugged you & said "I hug hundreds of fans everyday,
but when i'm in your arms, i get butterflies"


POSTED 2011-09-17

#Imagine you walk next to Justin on the street and he kiss you on the
cheek, you look into his eyes and he is smiling, suddenly you walk into a pole...

Dagens (nr 77) #ImagineJustin

POSTED 2011-07-08
#ImagineJustin made a song just for you, and every time
he sang it, he let everyone know how beautiful you are.

Dagens (nr 76) #ImagineJustin

POSTED 2011-07-07
#ImagineJustin walking on the beach and you walk by.
Justin: "Hey gorgeous"
You: *laugh*

Dagens (nr 75) #ImagineJustin

POSTED 2011-07-05
#ImagineJustin: "Today I caught myself smiling for no
reason. Then I realized I was thinking about you" :)
You: *blushes*

Dagens (nr 74) #ImagineJustin

POSTED 2011-07-04
You can't get to sleep, and you keep moving around. Justin
takes you and curls you up close to him.
Justin: "Shhh my lovely girl" *kisses you*


Dagens (nr 73) #ImagineJustin

POSTED 2011-07-03
#ImagineJustin: "What sweetie?"
You: "I'm scared you don't love me"
Justin: "But I love you more than air babe. Your my
shawty. Your my forever!" *kisses you*

Dagens (nr 72) #ImagineJustin

POSTED 2011-07-02

#ImagineJustin smiled.
You: "Why are you smiling?"
Justin: You're my everything. Just thought I'd let you
You: "Awwh"

Ursäkta för dålig uppdatering, men är bortrest så gör så gott jag kan :)

Dagens (nr 71) #ImagineJustin

POSTED 2011-07-01
You: "Remember when we first met and you fell? Hahaha!"
Justin: "Haha, that's because I fell for you" *smiles*

Dagens (nr 70) #ImagineJustin

POSTED 2011-06-30
#ImagineJustin: "What?"
You: "I'm not as beautiful as Jasmine or Selena,
i know."
Justin: "Yes, i know"
You: "Oh..." *sad*
Justin: "You so much better bby" *kisses you*

Bild kommer när det går att ladda upp...

Dagens (nr 69) #ImagineJustin

POSTED 2011-06-29

#ImagineJustin: "When I looked into your eyes for the first
time, not only did I see you. I saw my today, my tomorrow
and my future.

Försöker desperat lägga upp en bild men det blir bara "500 Internal Server Error - Django encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request"
Det är därför uppdateringen är så mycket sämre. Förlåt läsare :(
Om ni vet vad som är fel, skriv gärna.

Dagens (nr 68) #ImagineJustin

POSTED 2011-06-28
#ImagineJustin: "Baby, i love you so much. Your the only
thing in the world right now that matters the most to me
and I'll Never Let You Go!"

Dagens (nr 67) #ImagineJustin

POSTED 2011-06-27
You: "Shout to the world that you love me"
Justin whisper in your ear: "I Love You"
You: "Thanks, but..."
Justin: "You are my world"

Dagens (nr 66) #ImagineJustin

POSTED 2011-06-26
#ImagineJustin: "feel this" He puts your hand on the left
side of his chest. His heart beats racing.
Justin: "This happens when i'm with you"

Dagens (nr 65) #ImagineJustin

POSTED 2011-06-25
#ImagineJustin looks into your eyes deeply, holds your
hands, bites his lips and then he gaves you the most
romantic kiss in your life.

Dagens (nr 64) #ImagineJustin

POSTED 2011-06-24
You are talking to another guy and Justin gets protective
and comes to you, wraps his arms around you.
Justin: "I love you GIRLFRIEND"

Dagens (nr 63) #ImagineJustin

POSTED 2011-06-23
You: "Would you cry if I died?"
Justin: "No.."
You: "Oh..." *leave*
Justin: "I would die for you and find you in heaven. I
can't live without you"

Dagens (nr 62) #ImagineJustin

POSTED 2011-06-22
#ImagineJustin "Do you want to know someting?"
You: "What bby?"
Justin: "I named my light switch after you, so i can turn
her on" *smiles*
You: "wtf?!" *laugh*

Dagens (nr 61) #ImagineJustin

POSTED 2011-06-21
#ImagineJustin: "hmmm...raspberry? Strawberry?"
You: "Huh?"
Justin: "Just trying to figure out what your lips taste
like" *smiles*

Dagens (nr 60) #ImagineJustin

POSTED 2011-06-20
#ImagineJustin: "I think you have a stalker"
You: "Really?!" *turns* You turn back around and Justin
is staring at you.
Justin: "Yeah...me..." *you laugh*

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