Dr. Bieber Dr. Bieber

POSTED 2011-05-23

This song in my ♥

Bieber fever's in the street
Time to realize
Ima beast, Ima beast, Ima Beast
Say it 3 times cuz they know it's right
Catch this virus in the night
I know it's incurable
It's durable
But it's alright
It just spread across the globe
Into every single home
Every city
Every country
Every girl is on the phone
(Oh my gosh I love him. Isn't he perfect?)
You can be my queen, yeah
I'll show u how I work it

yes, please boy, show me how you work it ♥

Helt Amazing Cover ♫

POSTED 2011-05-19

Måste säga att denna cover är nog en av de bästa jag hört ♥